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Taichung, Taiwan

August 30, 2021

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In view of recent developments of COVID-19, the conference will be held online on August 30. Authors of accepted papers will present virtually. The registration fees for virtual presentation will be discounted.

The conference was originally scheduled to be held on August 29-31, 2021.

SSIM 2021 Proceedings

Presented papers (oral presentation and poster presentation) will be recommended for publication in the Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Social Sciences and Intelligent Management SSIM-2021 Conference. Selected papers will be submitted for publishing in IEEE Xplore. Papers related to other fields will be recommended to publish in a Scopus-indexed proceedings journal in which an additional publication fee may apply.

SSIM 2021 Scopus Indexing

The conference papers will be indexed in SCOPUS.

Journal Publication

Excellent papers selected from SSIM 2021 will be recommended for publication in one of the following scopus-indexed journals:

- International Journal of Business (IJB)

- Applied System Innovation (ASI)

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

SSIM 2021 won a subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The past decade has seen an unprecedented development and advancement in technology that has had a profound impact on the field of Intelligent Management. The innovations in data science, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain, inter alia, have changed the way people perceive and harness technology to cope with challenges the humanity are faced with. High-speed Internet connections, cloud computing and like terms that used to appear solely in journals of the technology field are becoming common knowledge of the financial industry. Education and social scientists concerned with general education, childcare, foreign language learning, long-term care, physical and mental disorders, and other socially vulnerable groups, are infusing and implementing Intelligent Management in their profession.The potential of Intelligent Management to improve the quality of life, decision-making in modern management, learning efficiency is promising and deserves exploration.


Chaoyang University of Technology, thus, initiates International Conference on Social Sciences and Intelligent Management (SSIM) 2021, a forum for the presentation and sharing of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, applied Social Sciences and Intelligent Management. This conference aims to bring together key experts, scholars, researchers and doctoral students from diverse fields from around the world and invite your participation. Topics of interest for submission include technological advancements and applications in the following fields, but not limited to:

Finance, Insurance & Accounting


Leisure, Sport & Hospitality

Elderly Care

Communication Arts

Education and Technologies

Social Work

How to connect:

We will be using Zoom as our platform. Presenters and visitors may download its software and mobile app here: https://zoom.us/download

The schedule is listed in local time in Taiwan (GMT +8 hours). All sessions will be opened 10 min before the session starts.


0800 - 1120  Conference Opening & Keynote Speech  (Meeting ID: 351 012 9781     Password: EUf63t)

1120 - 1220  Session A1 (Meeting ID: 946 450 0192     Password: 6Lcvnp)                  Session E1 (Meeting ID: 673 874 0601     Password: G8JpA3)

                      Session B1 (Meeting ID: 562 269 8554     Password: VL39SM)                 Session F1 (Meeting ID: 350 932 1926     Password: 704219)

                      Session C1 (Meeting ID: 453 202 6506     Password: 860176)                  Session G1 (Meeting ID: 588 488 6857     Password: 645760)

                      Session D1 (Meeting ID: 498 438 8115     Password: k8KFbu)                  Session H1 (Meeting ID: 384 293 8808     Password: 399449)

1330 - 1715  Session A2/A3/A4 (Meeting ID: 946 450 0192     Password: 6Lcvnp)          Session E2/E3/E4 (Meeting ID: 673 874 0601     Password: G8JpA3)

                           Session B2/B3/B4 (Meeting ID: 562 269 8554     Password: VL39SM)        Session F2/F3/F4 (Meeting ID: 350 932 1926     Password: 704219)

                           Session C2/C3/C4 (Meeting ID: 453 202 6506     Password: 860176)         Session G2/G3/G4 (Meeting ID: 588 488 6857     Password: 645760)

                           Session D2/D3/D4 (Meeting ID: 498 438 8115     Password: k8KFbu)        Session H2/H3/H4 (Meeting ID: 384 293 8808     Password: 399449)


Poster Presentations can be viewed here.


Contact Information:


email: ssim2021@ssim2021.org


Important Dates:

▶ Deadline for paper submission Jun. 20, 2021
▶ Notification of paper acceptance: Jul. 01, 2021
▶ Deadline for registration (for authors): Aug. 08, 2021
▶ Date of conference Aug. 30, 2021

All accepted regular papers will be published by Conference Publishing Service (CPS) of IEEE and submitted to IEEE Xplore digital library. Please note that CPS enforces a " NO SHOW " policy and only papers that are selected for oral presentation and presented by an author at the conference site will be recommended for inclusion in the digital libraries.